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Rates & Policies

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I serve the Chittenden County and Stowe areas.



The price of a Basic tunings can range due to the condition of the piano, when it was last tuned, and the humidity levels as they affect the piano during the change of seasons.

Please call me at 802-233-0544 for the price.


Extra charges:


Pitch raise tuning

Add $20.00 when the piano is flat by a ¼ step or less.  Add $50.00 when the piano is up to a ½ step flat.

Double tuning

Add $75.00 when the piano is flat by a ½ step or greater.


Add $1.00 for every mile over 10 miles from Williston.


Repairs are billed on a $100 per hour basis. Many minor repairs and simple  adjustments that can be made quickly are usually included in the price  of the tuning.


$125.00  - $135.00 depending on location. This fee is refundable if the work is  eventually contracted.  If done during a tuning the assessment is only $50. A “virtual” assessment using FaceTime with an iPhone is free! Please contact me to set up a session.


$125.00 I provide a multi-point report that can be emailed to you and  your insurance company. Appraisals at the time of a tuning are only  $75.00 

Appraisals for tax deductions

The IRS requires form 8283 to be filled out by the owner to which is attached photos and my researched and verified appraisal. The charge for this service is $240.

Private Piano Sales Broker

I do not have a retail piano dealership, but I can help you sell your  piano. I will inspect your instrument, make a recommendation on an  asking price and put you in touch with potential buyers. It is up to  you, the seller, to close the deal. I generally request a 10% commission from the seller on the final sale price if one of my recommended buyers  purchases your piano.



No-Show or Missed Appointments

I usually keep a very busy schedule, visiting 4 to 6 customers a day, six days a week. It is very difficult for me to fill a hole in my schedule because a customer has forgotten our appointment. I make it a habit to remind my customers by phone or email that we have an appointment scheduled the next day. But we’re all busy people. Sometimes a missed appointment happens. When it does, I must charge a customer $50 for my time, unless the tuning can be scheduled later in the workday.


I require at least a 24-hour notice of a cancellation. This allows me to insert a client from my stand-by list in your place. Failure to cancel in time or a no-show is subjected to a fee of $50. If you have an emergency I will understand.

Un-tunable pianos

If your piano can’t be tuned due to a problem that can’t be repaired at that time I will provide a detail of the repairs needed and charge you my deductible assessment fee. 

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Whether you want to make an appointment or you just have a question - I'm here to assist you!

Call or text:

(802) 233-0544
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