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One of my many services includes putting piano buyers in touch with piano sellers and vice-versa. Whether you're looking for a new or used piano, I can help put you on the path to finding the piano of your dreams! 

Keep checking back here for the latest available.


Steinway Model B
Allan H. Day, Steinway Model B for sale

This 7ft. Steinway model B is in showroom condition. It was built in 2001 and has had only light use since then. I have tuned it regularly twice a year and installed a humidity control system.


This is a professional’s piano and has a huge range of dynamic expression.

I have appraised the piano for $46,000 with duet sized artist bench.

The MSRP value in 2001 was $56,900

The current value of a new Model B is $120,900

All inquiries can be directed to


Steinway Model O
Allan H. Day, Steinway Model O for sale

This 5' 10" Steinway model O is from the “golden age” of piano manufacturing. Built in 1903 it still has all its original parts. The piano was refinished some time in the 1970’s with a lacquer finish that shows off its beautiful Brazilian mahogany. It has genuine ebony and perfect ivory keys. Even though it needs rebuilding the piano plays well and has a very energetic “voice.”  All inquiries can be directed to


Steinway Model M
Steinway M1.jpeg

This 5' 7" Steinway from 1931 has a new accelerated action with German hammers installed in 2014. It has a bright and energetic tone.

I have been regularly servicing this piano since 2013 and installed an onboard humidity control system. 

It has the original finish with a mahogany veneer. 

This piano has been appraised at $14,000


Wurlitzer Petit Grand

This 4' 10" petit baby grand can fit into almost any nook in your house. I am restoring it to bring it back to its “youth” to play the way it did in the 1940s. 

Since I only have my time and labor invested in this restoration I am pricing it at $3,000

Please contact me about scheduling an appointment to see it.


Perzina Grand Piano
Allan H. Day, Perzina Grand Piano for sale

This lovely German piano was brought to the States about 30 years ago and was recently rebuilt by Eric Brinkerhoff in Danbury, VT. I serviced the piano recently and attest to it’s facile action and energetic tone. The piano was built during the turn of the 20th century and has a delicate Victorian design. I am listing the piano for $14,000.  

All inquiries can be directed to

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