Now you can conveniently pay

your piano tuning bill online!

You can pay via PayPal

Note: when you click the "pay now" button the form on the PayPal page will say "donate." We can't seem to fix that. Don't worry- it all goes to the same place!

You can pay via Venmo


You can pay via Apple Pay by texting me at:

1 (802) 233-0544

Or you can do it the old fashioned way and mail a check to:  

Allan H. Day, RPT

8 Lincoln Rd.

Williston, VT 05495

Here's how:

$135 for one basic*  tuning. Of course, you may purchase more than one tuning if you’d like .  . . or contribute any amount and your recipient will receive that amount as a credit** to offset their bill on their their next service call.

If you are purchasing a gift certificate, you can pay here online, but please email me at  and provide me with the recipient’s 


  • NAME



  • PHONE #     


so we can send them our beautiful gift card in the mail. You can also send me a check and include the recipient's info as well.

NOTE: the recipient’s piano must be within 25 miles of Burlington, Vermont to qualify for a gift certificate.

   *Basic tuning price does not include any additional repairs that may be required in order for the piano to be tuned properly.

** Only applies to service/labor fees. Does not cover any parts or supplies.


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