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Now you can conveniently pay

your piano tuning bill online!

Now you can conveniently pay

your piano tuning bill online via PayPal. you can also use Venmo or Apple Pay!

You can pay via Venmo


You can pay via Apple Pay by texting me at:

1 (802) 233-0544

Or you can do it the old fashioned way and mail a check to:  

Allan H. Day, RPT

8 Lincoln Rd.

Williston, VT 05495

Gift Cert Holiday Graphic.png
Here's how:

$135 for one basic*  tuning. Of course, you may purchase more than one tuning if you’d like .  . . or contribute any amount and your recipient will receive that amount as a credit** to offset their bill on their their next service call.

If you are purchasing a gift certificate, you can pay here online, but please email me at  and provide me with the recipient’s 


  • NAME



  • PHONE #     


so we can send them our beautiful gift card in the mail. You can also send me a check and include the recipient's info as well.

NOTE: the recipient’s piano must be within 25 miles of Burlington, Vermont to qualify for a gift certificate.

   *Basic tuning price does not include any additional repairs that may be required in order for the piano to be tuned properly.

** Only applies to service/labor fees. Does not cover any parts or supplies.

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